Who We Are

As a leader in patented security printing solutions, Arcis aims to simplify and increase the accessibility of security printing. Our goal is to be your trusted specialist in this field.

What We Do

Arcis provides a unique and patented one-step process to produce secure documents. Our solution is efficient and cost-effective, converting pre-printed stock into a digital format while preserving all the security features. Printing is done on plain white paper using existing hardware and software, without the need for any additional investment.

At Arcis, we make it simple for you to secure your printed materials and prevent fraudulent reproduction. Our solution helps you reduce risk, safeguard your brand, and comply with legal regulations.

The benefits don't stop there - with Arcis, you not only improve your printing process, but you also create new print security intellectual property, making it truly your own. This intellectual property is even more valuable than physical paper.

How We Started

Since the early 2000s, our company has been providing print security solutions. Recognizing the shift from offset to digital printing, we pioneered the development of patented leading-edge print security solutions for this new technology.

Arcis has established itself as the leading provider of subscription-based security solutions for color, black and white inkjet and toner printers. Our services are utilized by commercial printers, in-plant facilities at schools, hospitals, insurance companies, financial institutions, and government agencies.

Staying ahead of the curve, we continuously invest in our expertise to develop new document security solutions as digital printing evolves. Our clients appreciate us as their trusted specialist in printing secure documents.

"We continue to receive nothing but successful solutions. The level of communication Arcis provides drives tremendous trust from both our delivery teams and our end users. As documents and publications become easier to counterfeit, Arcis’s solutions are a necessity for protecting IP as well as high-value printed instruments.”

– Longstanding Arcis Partner

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