Documents possessing inherent value must be protected from unauthorized replication and alteration. By collaborating with the leader in print document security, you will minimize your customers' risks, protect their assets and brands, and increase the value of your printing services.

Real-Life Use Cases

Financial Services

The pandemic of Covid-19 brought about significant challenges for a financial services company. The global supply chain disruptions and delays in shipments caused operational difficulties, hindering their capacity to deliver secure checks to their clients. To overcome this issue, Arcis enabled the company to move away from using pre-printed check stock and rapidly digitized all their checks, allowing them to produce secure checks on plain white paper. During this transition, the company also realized the necessity of producing blank company checks for their internal use, due to paper shortages . Arcis became the trusted security printing specialist, enabling the company to transform their check production process from start to finish, including the creation of a new custom design, compliance with banking regulations, and timely delivery of the new checks to various departments, all within a demanding time constraint.

College Admissions

A prestigious college encountered challenges with their admission letters being falsified and utilized to obtain legitimate student visas. A single admission letter resulted in over 300 student visas being issued, enabling individuals to enter the country illegally. The college was frequently summoned to court to aid in the prosecution of these immigration cases, which was an unnecessary burden on their time and resources. The solution was straightforward; incorporating print document security features into their transcripts and admission letters effectively resolved the issue.

Lottery Tickets

A state lottery required advanced security measures for their weekly lottery tickets to control inventory and prevent counterfeiting. By utilizing a digital press to print tickets with Arcis’ Dupe Proof® Suite of multiple security features and variable data on plain white paper in one step, they were able to exert precise control over the number of tickets produced. Furthermore, the covert security feature changes weekly and remains unknown until the print job is sent to the press.

Parking Permits

A sports venue with a large parking lot pre-sold parking permits for weekend events. However, over 20% of its revenue was lost due to fraudulent reproduction of these permits. This resulted in a shortage of parking spaces and frustrated customers, leading to lost revenue and the need to issue refunds. Once Arcis’ Dupe Proof® Suite was implemented, the problem was solved. Potential counterfeiters are warned that they could be prosecuted, which was a very effective deterrent. The sports venue saw an immediate increase in parking revenue.

Arcis is ready to be your go-to security print specialist.